Cargo Clearance / Exibition

Customs clearance forms a major part of the company’s operations and is directly related with the freight forwarding division. Cooperation between the two departments is necessary since both operations form crucial parts of the logistic chain. The latest available technology is utilised to execute the whole operation. The company is connected with other customs clearance offices around the world

All shipments controlled by Supreme Shippers pass through the major shipping ports therefore activities are centrally controlled and coordinated with the other ports authorities.

In addition to the customs clearance formalities for consignments, we are actively monitoring the department for any updates or innovations. This includes the study of customs publications such as the Government Gazette with any new regulations applied.

Vanruttes Shipping Logistics Co conducts internal Customs Audits to establish possible duty savings, ensure correctness and compliance with the Customs regulations.

Regardless of where you are located, you will be assigned a highly professional and proactive customer management team to help manage your supply chain solution.

Our team is focused on continuous optimisation using Harkman’s standard operating procedures measured on the same performance indicators across all countries and activities.